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UP: Madrasa Teacher Addicted to Pornography Murders Child, Dumps Body in Well

In Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur district, police have uncovered the murder of a young child. The discovery was made when the body of a 9-year-old child, initially reported missing from a local Madrassa, was found in a nearby well.

Shockingly, the body was concealed inside a yellow sack. Upon opening the sack, authorities found the child’s hands and legs were tied with rope, and his face was covered with a plastic tape.

Following a preliminary investigation and a complaint filed by the family, suspicion fell on two individuals closely associated with the Madrassa.

Among those detained is a Maulvi from the Madrassa, where the child was studying before he disappeared on June 29.

This incident took place in the Saura village, within the jurisdiction of Malwan police station, located in Fatehpur district.

The victim, a young boy whose family had hoped would receive education in Arabic and religious studies, was enrolled in the Ulama Madrassa of Saura.

Just five days after being left at the Madrassa, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, according to local media.

The deceased, Aalim (9), the son of Akhtar Ali from Baraura village in the Malwan block of Fatehpur, was not only a student but also a beloved member of his family, being the only son among four siblings.

The disappearance occurred on June 25, shortly after he left the Madrassa premises. At around 5:00 pm that day, Maulvi Rukumuddin of the Madrassa contacted the family to report Aalim’s absence.

In the ongoing investigation, it was revealed that one of the clerics had sexually assaulted the child before committing the murder. The cleric was found to have an addiction to viewing pornographic content on his mobile, which police believe may have influenced his actions.

The accomplice, a relative of the primary suspect, was implicated in helping to dispose of the boy’s body after the crime.

On June 30, 2024, a report was filed in the Malwa police station about the boy, missing since June 29. His body was later found in a sack at the bottom of a nearby well.

A joint police operation on Wednesday resulted in the arrests of clerics Rakimuddin and Dilnawaz. Police recovered several items linked to the crime, including a motorcycle, a piece of cello tape, and a rope.

Mukesh Singh, head of the Malwa police station, said that Dilnawaz, one of the accused, had exploited an opportunity to commit this horrific crime when he found the child alone. Driven by his compulsive behavior and fearing exposure, he resorted to murder.

The police said that both suspects managed the madrasa where the victim was studying and he was the youngest of the students.

Superintendent of Police Uday Shankar Singh added that the suspects are brothers-in-law and assured that the investigation is being carried out meticulously with help from various agencies.

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