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West Bengal’s First Posthumous Organ Donation by Muslim Woman Saves Four Lives

A 58-year-old woman named Jahanara Bibi created history in West Bengal by being the first person to donate organs after passing away. She gave her organs to Kolkata’s SSKM Hospital, providing a new chance at life for four individuals. The medical team at SSKM Hospital thanked Jahanara Bibi’s family for their decision to donate her organs after her death.

According to family sources, Jahanara Bibi was returning home on a bike with her son a few days ago when she suffered a cerebral stroke and fell on the road. She was rushed to Murshidabad Medical College Hospital and referred to SSKM Hospital in Kolkata the following day.

Despite extensive treatment at the trauma care centre, she was declared brain-dead last Thursday.

Mehbub Alam, the deceased’s son, recounted the incident, stating that while riding on the bike with his mother, she fell, leading to a cerebral stroke. Despite being rushed to Kolkata, they couldn’t save her.

Humayun Kabir, Jahanara Bibi’s brother and Trinamool MLA of Bharatpur Assembly in Murshidabad, was present at the hospital during his sister’s treatment. As the medical team suggested posthumous organ donation when it became apparent that further treatment was futile, the family initially hesitated but later consented after Humayun Kabir’s persuasion.

Reflecting on the decision, Humayun Kabir said, “Religion encourages donation, and I believe there’s no greater donation than posthumous organ donation. Convincing my sister’s family for organ donation was essential. Her organs have brought new life to four people.”

As per Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant (ROTO) sources, despite exhaustive efforts, no heart recipient was found in West Bengal. Jahanara’s heart was transported to Hyderabad, where a 72-year-old woman successfully underwent a heart transplant at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences.

Furthermore, Jahanara’s liver was transplanted into a 25-year-old woman at SSKM, while two young individuals, aged 21 and 35, received her kidneys. All recipients are reported to be in stable condition post-surgery.

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