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5-Year-Old Muslim Girl Allegedly Raped in Uttar Pradesh’s Ramnagar

Photo: India Today

In a shocking incident, a 5-year-old girl Muslim girl living in Uttar Pradesh’s Ramnagar was allegedly raped by a middle-aged man.

A man named Rinku Verma from Bhairampur committed a heinous act after kidnapping the girl.

When the girl’s family realized that she was missing from their home, they began searching for her in the vicinity. During this search, Rinku’s 12-year-old son Shivam informed them that his father was responsible for the abduction, leading to the incident becoming public knowledge.

Rinku specifically targeted the young girl and took her to a sugarcane field, where he carried out his terrible deed. As a result of his actions, the girl lost consciousness and suffered severe injuries, leaving her bleeding and in critical condition.

After the incident, Rinku fled the scene, leaving the girl unconscious in the sugarcane field.

Early in the morning, the girl was eventually found in the sugarcane field, still unconscious and in a distressing state. The gravity of the situation shocked the local community, prompting outrage and concern for the safety of children in the area.

Upon receiving information from the girl’s family, the police responded and took her to the district hospital in a critical state, covered in blood. Simultaneously, they apprehended the teenage neighbour who was allegedly involved and is now under investigation. The accused has been arrested in connection with the incident.

In response to the situation that arose due to the incident, Barabanki SP Dinesh Singh has taken action to alleviate the tension. He has deployed police personnel from various police stations to the area.

According to Ramnagar jurisdictional officer Harshit Chauhan, the rape of a 5-year-old girl has come to light in the Ramnagar police station area’s village. The girl had gone to the field to defecate, and the crime was carried out by 40-year-old accused Rinku Verma, who lives in the neighbourhood. The accused youth was apprehended, and the girl was sent to the district hospital for treatment, where she remains in stable condition.

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