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Grand Mufti of India Appeals to PM Modi for Action on Behalf of Palestinians

Grand Mufti of India, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad

The Grand Mufti of India, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, has penned a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing deep concerns regarding the ongoing plight of the Palestinian people and calling upon India to play a mediation role in the Middle East crisis. The letter, dated Wednesday, underscores India’s historic solidarity with the Palestinian cause and advocates for a lasting solution to the troubles in the region.

The Grand Mufti’s call to action follows a recent telephone conversation with the Palestinian Mufti, Sheikh Muhammad Hussain, during which the two religious leaders discussed India’s dedication to principles of justice, fairness, non-alignment, and global unity.

In his letter to Prime Minister Modi, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad said that India has a longstanding tradition of peace, tolerance, and harmony, serving as a global beacon in embracing diversity and fostering communal unity. The Grand Mufti acknowledged the Jerusalem Grand Mufti’s profound appreciation for India’s empathetic understanding of Palestinian concerns and rights throughout history. He argued that India’s legacy uniquely positions it to play a pivotal role in helping resolve the crisis in the West Asian region.

“Our nation’s rich tradition of embracing diversity and fostering communal unity has served as a guiding light to the world. In light of this legacy, India can play a pivotal role in helping end the crisis in the West Asian region,” stated the Grand Mufti.

Furthermore, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad called for a permanent solution to the Palestinian-Israeli crisis, emphasizing the importance of creating a peaceful and shared future for both parties involved.

The Grand Mufti also delivered a message from the Mufti of Palestine to Prime Minister Modi, expressing gratitude for India’s longstanding support for the Palestinian cause and its stance on the Palestine-Israel issue.

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