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Hindutva Activist Radha Semwal Dhoni Demolishes Mazar, Builds Temple in Uttarakhand

Photo: CJP

In Uttarakhand, a Mazar has been transformed into a Hindu temple, with a video surfacing online depicting Hindutva woman leader Radha Semwal Dhoni leading the construction efforts. The footage captures the demolition of the Mazar and the construction of a temple in its place.

Radha Semwal Dhoni, a self-proclaimed champion of Hindu Dharma, has gained notoriety for her relentless campaign against what she terms “Mazar Jihad.” She claims to have demolished hundreds more across the state.

Radha Semwal Dhoni, dubbed a “Hindutva Leader” by some media outlets, insists on her mission to free Uttarakhand from what she perceives as illegal encroachments under the guise of minority religions. She claims to have personally demolished a staggering number of shrines, ranging from 100-150 according to her statement to The Quint, while other reports suggest a much higher figure of 370 out of a targeted 540.

While Radha Semwal Dhoni remains steadfast in her mission, labelling her as an “extremist Hindutva activist,” she continues to draw criticism for her confrontational approach. The activist, hailing Dehradun, openly challenges what she perceives as the “illicit activities tarnishing the sanctity of the region.”

The Hindutva activist has also targeted missionaries accused of engaging in conversion activities, adding another layer to the ongoing religious tensions in the region.

Uttarakhand has been grappling with a series of challenges, from alleged love jihad to land jihad, and now, what Radha terms “Mazar jihad.” The state has witnessed incidents such as attacks by Hindu youths on Muslims, and stone-pelting at Muslim homes. The confluence of these issues has led to heightened tensions, with many Muslims leaving the state.

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