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UP: 13-Year-Old Muslim Boy Survives Knife Attack in Bareilly, Mother Alleges Inaction by Authorities

In Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, a 13-year-old boy named Mahtab became the target of a knife attack. The incident occurred in Garhi Chowki, Muravpura area. The Garhi Police Chowki have registered an FIR which mentions how religious remarks were also made against the boy whereas the boy’s mother Nasreen alleges that as of yet, be it the school or the police authorities, both have not taken any solid action.

“At around 5:30, my son had gone out to eat momos when some boys cornered him, taking him into an alley behind Alakhnath. The boys attacked my son with a knife, and he received severe injuries behind his neck but somehow ran away from them. The reason behind the attack is because of all that Hindu-Muslim matter,” says Nasreen.

Nasreen also alleges how the police have registered an FIR on minor grounds even though the attack was life-threatening.

“When he came to us, he was completely drenched in blood. He was in a terrible condition. The police have not taken any action since yesterday, we went to them to ask about the progress of the FIR, and they said, they’ll take action. I do not understand what kind of action they are taking. If my son would not have fled in time, he might have gotten killed. We would have been helpless then.”

As of now, after receiving critical injuries, Mahtab’s life is out of danger. He is currently admitted to Bareilly District Hospital.

“We went to submit a tehreer to be registered under our name, but the police said that they have already filed an FIR,” said Nasreen.

It has been reported that the police force has been deployed in the area, in case of dispute between the two sects.

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