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After Muzaffarnagar, Religious Remarks Allegations Surface in Delhi School

In a concerning incident reminiscent of recent events, another case involving religious remarks has emerged, this time in a school located in Delhi. The incident unfolded at Kailash Nagar Government Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya in Gandhinagar.

Students and their relatives from the Muslim community, enrolled in the 9th class, have accused their class teacher, Hema Gulati, of making derogatory comments about their religion.

Ishraq, a student, said that the teacher stated Muslims were not from India.

Gousiya, sister of a student, said that the teacher made these remarks following the Chandrayan-3 landing.

Gosiya stated, “According to the teacher, Muslims didn’t contribute to India’s fight for freedom, and she believes Muslims are undisciplined, often relying on swords for victory in wars.”

Gosiya said that the teacher used disrespectful language when referring to the Kaaba.

Zubair Ansari, another student said, “The teacher claimed that the darkness in Muslims’ hearts is why the Kaaba is black, and she believes the location is cursed.”

The children reportedly disclosed these disturbing comments to their families on Wednesday.

Attempts to address the issue with the school principal yielded no response or corrective measures against the teacher’s actions.

Former corporation councilor Hasibul Hasan highlighted the gravity of the situation, asserting that the teacher’s actions were aimed at sowing seeds of hatred within impressionable young minds.

“Such conduct,” he said, “could have detrimental effects on the children’s future.”

Displeased with the school administration’s lack of action, the children’s relatives lodged a formal complaint against the accused teacher at the Gandhinagar police station.

The local Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA) committee has joined the chorus of voices demanding action against the teacher.

They expressed concerns that such incidents have the potential to disturb the harmonious atmosphere within the school community.

Rohit Meena, the Deputy Commissioner of Police for the Shahdara district, confirmed that a case had been registered based on the complaint filed by the students’ relatives.

He assured that a thorough investigation into the matter was underway and that appropriate action would be taken against the accused teacher once the inquiry is completed.

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