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‘An Obvious Attempt to Murder,’ Claims Family of Muslim Teen Assaulted By Mob at Mira Road

A 16-year-old who was allegedly thrashed by a Hindutva mob on Tuesday remains hospitalized due to severe injuries. Adil Raeen, accompanied by his father, was assaulted while returning home after closing their shop during a rally in Mumbai’s Meera Road.

Tariq, the victim’s uncle, told The Observer Post, “‘Jo haatme aagaya unn logon k usse maare’ (They hit him using anything they could grab),” alleging that it was an obvious attempt to murder, as can be seen in the video.

While both the father and son were assaulted, Adil suffered serious damage and has been hospitalized for three days.

The duo was walking past the road in Bhayandar West of Mumbai’s Meera Road when the rally arrived at around 6:00 P.M. On identifying the elder with a skullcap and beard, the mob attacked them. The video, recorded and shared online by the Hindutva members, showed the boy being surrounded and heckled by a mob of hundreds as he tried to escape.

He was encircled by approximately 20 people, mercilessly beaten and thrashed using a wooden chair, a metal standee, and a plastic can, among other items. The mob shouted slogans of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ while about 15-20 people attacked them, and the rest encouraged them to beat them up. The mob can be seen hurling derogatory slurs as well.

The thrashing continued for minutes until a passerby intervened and tried to stop them, as seen in the video. Speaking from the hospital, Tariq said that Adil had sustained severe head injuries along with wounds to his back, stomach, limbs, and broken teeth.

Communal tensions escalated in Meera Road of Mumbai, leading to a series of attacks by the mob carrying out a rally celebrating the consecration of the Ayodhya temple.

The MBVV police have said that the second clash in Mira Road on January 22 was premeditated, with attackers carrying stones on their two-wheelers and in bags. Many of the assailants reportedly attended a political leader’s rally, with around 100 proceeding to the police commissioner’s office and 200-300 spreading in the area, attacking shops. Stones found at the scene were traced back to Ghodbunder Road. Investigating the recent clashes, the police also said the first incident stemmed from road rage and a misunderstanding between two communities.

With 12 FIRs registered and 28 arrests from both sides, the situation is now peaceful, prompting the MBVV police to restrict political rallies at Naya Nagar.

The MBVV cyber police have taken down over 100 viral videos on social media containing hate messages, some falsely claiming attacks on people visiting the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. These videos, uploaded from various parts of the country, were debunked by authorities. Among the 12 FIRs registered, Naya Nagar police filed five, while counterparts in Navghar, Bhayandar, and Kashimira each registered one or three.

Reports indicate that on Tuesday, authorities carried out the demolition of Muslim-owned shops in Naya Nagar, a Muslim-dominated area.

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