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Ghaziabad: Two Men Arrested for Urinating On Church Gate, Invoking Jai Shri Ram

In Ghaziabad, on Wednesday, December 27, two men were arrested by the police for disrespecting a church by urinating on its gate. The arrested men have been identified as Yash Tyagi and Tushar Chaudhary.

The matter came to light when Tushar Chaudhary posted an Instagram story proudly showcasing their disrespectful act. In the story, Chaudhary and Tyagi were seen urinating on the gate of a church, with Chaudhary captioning it in Hindi, “Lo moot diya thare Jesus par (have peed on your Jesus)”, along with the hashtag #JaiShreeRam.

The act quickly went viral on social media after a screenshot of the Instagram story circulated. The Ghaziabad police initiated an investigation into the matter.

The photo captured Chaudhary and Tyagi displaying a victory sign while engaged in the disrespectful act. After an inquiry, the police identified and arrested the two men for their inappropriate behaviour.

Yash Tyagi, one of the accused, is no stranger to legal trouble, being a serial offender. A year ago, he was taken into custody in connection with a bank robbery.

The incident occurred during the Christmas celebrations of the Christian community in India and globally.

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