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In Photos: Airstrike Targets Western Mosque Camp in Gaza, Dozens Injured, Mainly Women and Children

Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

Doaa Al-Baz

Dozens of individuals, primarily women and children, were rushed to Al-Shifa Medical Hospital following a devastating bombing that struck the western mosque of the camp.

Paramedics Rush to Aid Man Injured in Israeli Strike on National Productive Bank and Residential Apartments in Rimal Neighborhood. Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

The attack, carried out by Israeli aircrafts, has left a trail of injuries and sorrow, underscoring the grim toll of conflict on innocent civilians in the region.

A Man Receives Treatment After Israeli Air Strikes. Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

Authorities warn of a looming humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with supplies being blocked amid Israel’s response to Hamas attacks. Israel imposed a comprehensive blockade, threatening to sever electricity, food, fuel, and water access to the area. Gaza faces a critical situation unless the blockade is lifted.

Paramedics Carry Injured Girl After Israeli Air Strike. Photo: Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

The Israeli military announces regaining control of all Gaza-adjacent communities, following a surprise Hamas assault that claimed over 700 lives within 48 hours.

A Young Boy Injured in Israeli Strike on Rimal Neighborhood. Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

Hamas asserts custody of over 100 hostages, including Israeli army officers, with ongoing talks between Qatar and the militant group regarding the captives, according to a senior US official speaking to CNN.

Paramedics Carry Body Bag Amidst Israeli Air Strikes’ Devastation in Rimal Neighborhood, Following Fatalities and Injuries. Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

With a total population of approximately 2.3 million residents, Gaza sees around 80% dependent on humanitarian assistance, largely attributed to the prolonged hostilities with Israel. Although Hamas governs the region, Israel maintains control over its airspace, shoreline, and enforces restrictions on the movement of people and goods across its borders.

Youth Rescued from Rubble as Israeli Air Strikes Ravage Gaza, Leaving Several Dead and Injured. Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

Officials have issued a stark warning that Gaza is on the brink of running out of fuel, with supplies expected to deplete within the next 24 to 72 hours. The UN’s humanitarian agency, OCHA, echoes concerns, indicating that fuel reserves may last only a few days. Prior to the recent restrictions, Gaza residents were grappling with extensive food insecurity, limited mobility, and water scarcity.

Man Carries Injured Child in Aftermath of Israeli Air Strikes in Gaza, Resulting in Multiple Casualties. Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

In response to recent events, Israel has initiated retaliatory airstrikes in Gaza since Saturday, resulting in a reported death toll of at least 511 individuals and causing injuries to 2,750 others, as confirmed by the Palestinian health ministry.

Young Girl and Elderly Man Injured as Israeli Air Strikes. Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

Sunday night witnessed an exceptionally intense wave of airstrikes, possibly the most substantial Gaza has faced in years. Throughout the night, a series of rapid and loud explosions reverberated across the Gaza Strip. The strikes persisted into the daylight hours, enveloping the sky with black smoke and leaving the taste of dust from collapsed buildings lingering in the air.

Paramedics Rush to Aid a Victim Amid Israeli Air Strike on Residential Areas. Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

Israel has stated that it is conducting airstrikes targeting Hamas positions in Gaza, but there are reports of civilian casualties. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israeli airstrikes have struck two refugee camps in Gaza, namely Al-Shati (also known as the Beach camp) and Jabalia camps, resulting in multiple injuries and fatalities among civilians.

Paramedics rush to aid a woman injured in Israeli airstrikes on residential areas in Gaza, as several lives are tragically lost and many more left wounded. Photo: Doaa Al-Baz/ The Observer Post

The Foreign Ministry has reported that air strikes have targeted a United Nations school in Gaza, where hundreds of civilians, including children and the elderly, sought refuge.

The United Nations has confirmed the attack, noting severe damage to the school but thankfully no casualties.

There are reports of airstrikes hitting a mosque and residential homes, with a tragic incident in Rafah resulting in the loss of 19 lives from the same family.

The UN has declared that 123,538 individuals in Gaza have been displaced, primarily due to concerns for their safety and the destruction of their homes, with 73,000 people finding shelter in schools.

Doaa Al-Baz is a Journalist based in Gaza, Palestine.

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