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Indian Publishers Insults Imam Khomeini, Apologizes After Backlash

Indian publishers, Acuber Books International publications included Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini among the ‘most evil men in history’ in their book. 

Imam Khomeini was an Iranian Islamic revolutionary, politician, and religious leader who served as the first supreme leader of Iran. He was the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the leader of the Iranian Revolution.

The incident sparked outrage from his followers. 

Khomeini For All official X handle tweeted concerning the issue an said “Indian publisher insults Imam Khomeini. We strongly condemn the desecration of revered Imam Khomeini by an Indian publication, ‘Acuber Books International. We urge authorities to take swift and stern action. Failure to do so will provoke community outrage.” 

The group urged Meerut and Delhi police to take action against the publishers. They also mentioned that this is not just an insult to all Muslims, but to all admirers and lovers of Imam Khomeini worldwide.

After the backlash, ‘Acuber Books International.’ Released their official apology letter with concern to the wrong portrayal of Imam Khomeini in a book. 

In the letter, they said, “We write to you with utmost sincerity and regret regarding the recent controversy surrounding our publication’s portrayal of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. It has come to our attention that labeling him among the ‘most evil men in history is not only inaccurate but also deeply offensive to many individuals and communities. We acknowledge the gravity of our mistake and recognize that such mischaracterizations not only undermine truth and justice but also perpetuate harmful stereotypes. We understand the importance of rectifying this error swiftly and unequivocally.”

After receiving the apology, Khomeini for all x handle tweeted, “While they have apologized, we still urge the concerned authorities to investigate the real agenda.”

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