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Islamic Centre of India Issues Guidelines for Eid ul Azha Celebrations

The Islamic Centre of India (ICI) has released guidelines for those planning to perform animal sacrifices during the upcoming Eid ul Azha festival on June 17. The advisory includes 13 key points aimed at ensuring a respectful and hygienic celebration.

One of the main points is a request not to take photographs or videos of the animal sacrifices, known as ‘Qurbani’. The ICI advises performing the sacrifice in clean, open spaces and only using animals that are not restricted by state laws. It is recommended to bury the blood to help fertilize the soil.

The advisory also says that sacrifices should not take place on streets or in public areas. All animal remains should be disposed of in municipal dustbins. The ICI suggests distributing one-third of the meat in proper packaging and donating the animal skins to charity.

The guidelines state that sacrifice is only required for those who can afford it. They also advise that prayers, or ‘namaz’, should be offered in designated places like Eidgahs or masjids, not on the roads.

Lastly, the ICI calls for a special prayer, or ‘khususi dua’, for relief from the ongoing heatwave.

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