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MP: Tantriks Arrested for Murdering Man in Narsinghpur in Grisly Human Sacrifice Ritual

Victim Lured by Promises of Wealth; Police Uncover Shocking Details in Investigation

Photo: Aaj Tak

Madhya Pradesh police have arrested two tantriks (occultists), Surendra Kachi (40) and Rammu Kachi (45), for the alleged murder of a 22-year-old man, Ankit Kaurav, in Narsinghpur. The victim’s mutilated body was discovered in a field on November 4.

According to the authorities, the accused allegedly plotted a ‘narbali’ (human sacrifice) after the victim approached them seeking financial prosperity. It was revealed that Kaurav had first encountered the occultists four months prior when he fell ill. Traditional medicine had proven ineffective, but the tantriks seemingly cured him, establishing a sense of trust between the victim and the accused.

Around two weeks before his tragic demise, the victim’s family faced financial difficulties, prompting Kaurav to once again seek the assistance of the duo. They agreed to help him and, shockingly, persuaded him to amputate his middle finger from his right hand.

The chilling events took an even darker turn as the occultists brought Kaurav to Tekapar village, where they meticulously planned his ‘narbali.’ Allegedly, they drugged him with sleeping pills and took his life. Kaurav’s lifeless body was discovered bearing brutal cuts to the head and neck.

The breakthrough in the case occurred when police, during their investigation, uncovered evidence suggesting that on the night of the incident, the victim was seen riding on a motorcycle with the accused.

The Madhya Pradesh police took action, arresting both individuals and presenting them before a court that ordered their detention in jail. The investigation into this horrifying crime is ongoing.

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