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Muslim Boy Assaulted and Forced to Lick Attackers’ Feet in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

In Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, a young Muslim boy was assaulted and forced to lick the feet of his attackers. A video of the incident has spread rapidly on social media, triggering widespread anger and condemnation.

The incident, believed to have taken place in Dabra, a town in Gwalior district, has garnered widespread attention after the footage began circulating on various social media platforms.

The video depicts several individuals dragging the victim into a jeep, subjecting him to a relentless beating with their shoes, while one of the assailants cruelly demands that the boy lick his feet.

Preliminary information suggests that the victim, identified as Mohsin Khan, a resident of Jangipura in Dabra tehsil, had been residing with his maternal uncle in Banmore for the past week. It is alleged that the accused contacted Khan, who then reluctantly entered their car. The precise details surrounding the abduction and subsequent assault remain undisclosed as the victim has not yet filed an official complaint with the police.

Local law enforcement took notice of the incident and initiated an investigation into the matter. Authorities are currently working to determine the origin of the video and identify the individuals involved, with the intention of pressing charges against them for their heinous actions.

Additional Superintendent of Police Jairaj Kuber provided some insights into the case, revealing that two suspects have been identified. Kuber also mentioned that efforts are underway to contact Khan, but he has not yet visited the police station to register a complaint.

The incident captured on video is believed to be approximately 8 to 10 days old, as reported by discussions surrounding its viral spread.

Madhya Pradesh has witnessed a series of shocking incidents recently, further highlighting the degradation of humanity. Prior to this incident, an appalling case of direct urination and subsequent incidents of caste-based humiliation and violence in Sidhi and Shivpuri had come to public attention.

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