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Muslim Women’s Organization Opposes Uniform Civil Code, Citing Violation of Rights and Cultural Diversity

In response to the call for public opinion on the Uniform Civil Code by the 22nd Law Commission of the Government of India, the Sharia Committee for Women, a Muslim women’s organization, has expressed its strong opposition to the proposed code.

The organization submitted its response to the commission on behalf of Muslim women across India.

“Uniform Civil Code has the potential to infringe upon and to violate the rights of Tribal Communities and Minorities especially the Muslim Community,” the committee said.

It said that Muslim women find their personal laws essential to their faith and are satisfied with the rights conferred under Muslim Personal Law.

“The Muslim Women hold their religious laws/personal laws as vital to faith. They are satisfied with their Rights under the Muslim Personal Law. The rights conferred under Muslim Personal Laws are balanced, just full of wisdom and it empowers women to develop themselves as an educated citizen and nurture their families. These laws provide a framework that promotes equality, education, and personal growth for women to be good Citizens of our Country,” it said.

The committee raised concerns that the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code would infringe upon the rights of tribal communities and minorities, particularly the Muslim community.

It argued that the proposed code would deprive tribal and minority communities, including Muslim women, of their basic fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

The committee asserted that the Uniform Civil Code does not contribute to the nation’s development but rather violates personal laws and cultural values, potentially causing irreversible damage.

Highlighting it’s commitment to secularism, democracy, and the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the committee firmly refused to relinquish their liberty, freedom, and well-established rights in favor of a Uniform Civil Code.

It expressed their opposition to the proposal and revealed that they have collected over one lakh (100,000) signatures from Muslim women across India who support the Muslim Personal Law and are against the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code.

In the letter to the 22nd Law Commission, the committee urged the protection of minority rights, upholding the fundamental rights of all citizens, and the preservation of India’s secular fabric, integrity, and unity in diversity.

It concluded by stating their opposition to the Uniform Civil Code.

“We humbly request you to take appropriate steps to protect Rights of Minorities and uphold the fundamental Rights of the Citizens of this Country and maintain the secular fabric of India along with its integrity and unity in diversity. We therefore oppose the Uniform Civil Code,” the committee said.

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