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NRIs Contribute to Ram Temple Trust’s Monthly Haul of Rs 1.5 to Rs 2 Crore

The Ram Mandir inauguration is just days away, the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, responsible for the temple construction, is reporting a surge in daily offerings and monthly donations.

Prakash Gupta, in charge of the Trust’s office, shared insights into the overwhelming support, stating, “Earlier, counting of offertory used to take place on the fifth and 20th day of each month. Now, this work is being done daily.” The Trust has adapted to the increased volume by introducing cash-counting machines.

The Trust is now receiving daily donations ranging from three to four lakhs, with monthly contributions soaring between Rs 1.5 to Rs 2 crore. The manual counting process has transitioned to using cash counting machines due to the substantial increase in donations.

Devotees are contributing through various channels, including online transfers, cheques, and cash, both at the temple premises and through other means.

Donations from NRIs are also flowing into the Trust’s New Delhi bank account. The total funds collected in the last three years have reached an impressive Rs 5,000 crore.

Gupta said, “Ever since the 44-day nationwide fund collection campaign of the Trust was launched on January 15, 2021, devotees from across the world have been contributing towards the grand event for the nation.”

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