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“Opening Doors”: Zakat Foundation Launches Coaching Center for UPSC Candidates in UP’s Dasna 

Zakat Foundation of India

The Zakat Foundation of India is constructing a new building that will serve as a state-of-the-art coaching center for UPSC Civil Services aspirants. The construction work is currently underway and the facility is expected to be completed soon.

In an interview with Clarion India, Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood, the President of the Zakat Foundation, discussed initiatives aimed at enhancing opportunities for aspiring civil servants.

Traditionally, the Zakat Foundation has provided coaching and residential facilities at select UPSC coaching centers across the country. They offer 90 percent financial assistance to 100 candidates annually, based on merit. However, the foundation is now undergoing a transformative shift in strategy.

The foundation is in the final stages of preparing its new three-acre building in Dasna, Uttar Pradesh, which is approximately 25 km from New Delhi. An agreement has been made with the Sheikhul Hind Trust of Maulana Mahmood Madani to facilitate this endeavor. Starting from the next session, the facility will accommodate 200 girls and 300 boys, offering coaching for both UPSC and other competitive examinations.

In addition to coaching, the new facility will provide essential amenities such as a library and accommodation for selected candidates. Agreements have been made with multiple coaching institutes to ensure top-quality instruction. It is worth mentioning that 24 candidates who were coached by the Zakat Foundation achieved success in the recent Civil Services Examination.

This year, 51 Muslim candidates from across the country secured positions in the prestigious examination, marking a significant milestone since 2016. Mahmood attributed this success to organized preparation efforts and emphasized the need to identify and nurture talent within the community.

Highlighting the increase in the success rate of Muslim candidates, Mahmood stressed the importance of structured preparation for UPSC and other competitive exams. He urged Muslim parents and social organizations to support and guide talented youth towards civil services careers, citing the abundance of available opportunities.

Mahmood expressed concern over the trend of talented individuals seeking opportunities abroad or opting for private-sector employment after completing their education. He emphasized the potential in non-UPSC government jobs, which create approximately five lakh positions annually.

Mahmood also mentioned the provision of free coaching in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, initiated by the Zakat Foundation three years ago. So far, this initiative has resulted in 23 successful candidates. He highlighted the foundation’s efforts to raise awareness through orientation programs and social media campaigns.

Apart from UPSC preparation, the Zakat Foundation of India is actively engaged in 25 social welfare projects, including daycare and scholarship programs for the children of laborers. Mahmood revealed that while some projects are funded by Zakat donations, many services are accessible to the wider Muslim community.

As the foundation prepares to inaugurate its new coaching center, Mahmood reiterated its commitment to empowering aspiring civil servants and fostering educational excellence among the Muslim community.

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