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Hate Crime

UP: Dalit Man Murdered, Body Found Hanging from Tree in Meerut

A Dalit man named Indu Shekhar, aged 50, was found dead, hanging from a tree in Dhampura’s village in the Inchauli region of Meerut. The incident is believed to have resulted from a wage dispute between the victim and the former village head, Vijaypal Singh.

Indu Shekhar had been working in Dhampura village for the past year, where he was employed under the authority of the former village head, Vijaypal Singh. Tensions had been brewing between the two over unpaid wages, with Vijaypal allegedly owing Indu Shekhar a sum of Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

According to Dalit Times, when Indu Shekhar demanded his long-overdue wages, Vijaypal Singh responded with caste-based abuses and resorted to violence. He allegedly shot Indu in the leg before proceeding to murder him. The lifeless body of Indu Shekhar was hanged later from a tree.

The victim’s body was retrieved from the tree and sent for post-mortem examination to ascertain the exact cause of death. Meanwhile, the family of the deceased has lodged a complaint with the police.

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