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UP: Meerut Police Plant Pistol on Teacher’s Motorcycle, Arrest Him on Arms Smuggling Charges

Security Footage Reveals Two Constables Suspected of Planting a Firearm on Tyagi's Motorcycle (Image: Screengrab/X)

In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, a coaching centre teacher, Ankit Tyagi, was arrested on charges of arms smuggling after a pistol was allegedly discovered on his motorcycle. However, the plot took a surprising twist when security camera footage exposed the true culprits behind the planted evidence.

CCTV recordings within Tyagi’s residence captured the moment two police constables, involved in an ongoing dispute with the teacher’s family, planted the firearm on his motorcycle. The incident occurred at around 8 pm on Tuesday.

The footage shows one of the constables surreptitiously placing the pistol on Tyagi’s parked bike. Shortly after, the constables confronted Tyagi, who was inside his home, and brought him out. They proceeded to ‘discover’ the weapon on his bike.

Tyagi was then taken into custody and transported to the Kharkhoda police station, where he was shown the planted pistol. Tyagi was charged with arms smuggling and detained.

Tyagi’s sister, Rakhi, arrived at the office of Meerut’s Inspector General of Police, carrying her infant child and the crucial CCTV footage. She aimed to present the video evidence to the Inspector General, seeking her brother’s release. However, her initial plea was denied, compelling her to remain outside the Inspector General’s residence throughout the night, as it was on the same premises.

“Two cops came to our house. My younger brother has been implicated in a fake case. First they planted the pistol on the bike, and then arrested him,” Rakhi was quoted as saying by NDTV.

Rakhi, committed to proving her brother’s innocence, tirelessly waited for an opportunity to meet with the Inspector General. After a night, her perseverance paid off. On Wednesday morning, at approximately 11 am, she was finally granted permission to meet with the Inspector General. Rakhi presented the incriminating CCTV footage, filed a formal complaint, and within hours, Ankit Tyagi was released from custody.

The incident has raised serious questions regarding the conduct of the involved police personnel. An investigation into the matter has been initiated. Rural Superintendent of Police Kamlesh Bahadur Singh remarked, “There seems to be something suspicious in the behaviour of the policemen.”

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