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“Will always support Hindus who…”: Dutch PM Candidate Geert Wilders Thanks Indian ‘Supporters’

Geert Wilders/Meta

Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders expressed gratitude to his supporters worldwide after securing a victory in the recent Dutch elections. The controversial leader, known for his conservative-liberal stance and outspoken criticism of Islam, took to Twitter on Sunday to convey his appreciation.

“Thanks so much to all my friends from all over the world who congratulated me on winning the Dutch elections. Many kind messages came from India: I’ll always support Hindus who are attacked or threatened to be killed or prosecuted in Bangladesh, Pakistan only for being Hindu,” Wilders tweeted on Sunday evening.

Wilders’ anti-Muslim Freedom Party emerged as a clear winner in the polls held late last month, but the process of forming a coalition government has proven challenging. Despite his electoral success, Wilders faces difficulties in garnering support from potential allies due to his hardline views and controversial rhetoric.

The far-right firebrand, who defended Nupur Sharma over a Prophet remark, is striving to navigate the fragmented political landscape of the Netherlands. Recent reports suggest that Wilders has less than two months to secure coalition partners uneasy about his policies, including the proposed ban on mosques, Islamic schools, and the Quran.

On Friday, the PVV claimed another victory as Martin Bosma was elected chair of the Lower House of Parliament. Despite these successes, Wilders is grappling with the task of forming a four-way coalition involving the BBB Farmers party, the centre-right VVD liberal party, and the recently established New Social Contract party.

In an attempt to allay concerns among potential coalition partners, Wilders declared during a parliamentary debate on Wednesday, “I want to be prime minister for all Netherlanders,” pledging to ensure that his policies adhere to the country’s constitution. This statement comes in response to fears surrounding his strident anti-Islam rhetoric and controversial proposals.

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