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21-Year-Old Adarsh Saini Arrested for Selling Obscene Images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

A 21-year-old man, Adarsh Saini, was arrested by the Delhi Police on Friday for allegedly circulating obscene images of Hindu deities online. His actions were driven by a vengeful motive aimed at a person who had copied his website and affected his business adversely, according to the police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (IFSO) Hemant Tiwari said, “Accused, Adarsh Saini, was arrested who did all this to take revenge from another man who created a website which resembled his website, due to which he faced a huge loss in earnings.”

Saini’s retaliatory actions involved not only distributing offensive content but also creating a fake email address to initiate complaints with various law-enforcement agencies, including the Delhi Women Commission (DCW). The DCW forwarded a complaint regarding the online dissemination of these offensive images, which led to the registration of an FIR under section 295 of the Indian Penal Code and relevant provisions of the IT Act by the IFSO unit of the Delhi Police’s Special Cell.

The investigation began under the supervision of an ACP-level officer, where initial findings pointed to the involvement of a person named Rahul Kumar. However, Kumar was later found to have no connection to the case. The true mastermind behind the revenge plot was later identified as Adarsh Saini, who was arrested in Haridwar.

During questioning, Saini revealed that he had established an online gaming business after completing his BBA. He created a website and provided gaming IDs to customers as his primary source of income. Saini’s rival, Rahul Kumar, had developed a gaming website that closely resembled his own, causing a decline in Saini’s business. This, in turn, fueled Saini’s desire for revenege against Kumar.

Saini allegedly hatched a conspiracy to falsely implicate Kumar in a case, gathering his personal details and distributing offensive content online under Kumar’s name. He also created a fake identity under the name of Apurva Verma to file multiple complaints with the police and the Delhi Women Commission, pursuing legal action against Kumar.

The police have recovered a laptop, two mobile phones containing incriminating images and content, and a Wi-Fi router used for online criminal activities from Saini’s residence. Adarsh Saini is currently in police custody, and further investigations are ongoing, according to DCP Hemant Tiwari.

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