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7-Year-Old Muslim Girl Beaten by Teacher in Uttar Pradesh School, FIR Filed

After the teacher brutality case of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh wherein a private school teacher in Khubbapur village had asked the students of her class to slap their classmate as punishment. Another such case has yet again gained attention. The incident took place in the Belgadi Primary School of Shivnagar Didai area, Siddhartnagar (U.P.).

A 7-year-old Muslim girl, Khatoon, was severely beaten by the school teacher. The girl’s only mistake was not taking out her maths copy fast enough from her school bag.

Khatoon said the teacher, Shushma, had beaten her on her legs, abused her and warned her not to come to school again.

“I didn’t have my notebook, that’s why she beat me, she abused me and told me not to come to school from tomorrow onwards,” Khatoon said.

In the Muzaffarnagar case, the teacher had referred to the child’s Muslim faith and derogatorily talked about Muslim children, causing ripples of criticism and protest against the unprofessional and vile behaviour of the school teacher.

Khatoon has suffered visible grave injuries on both her legs, hindering her to walk.

The girl’s father Amjad Hussain told the media how after coming from school his daughter was crying in pain, had blue marks on her legs and was unable to sleep the whole night after the incident. The very next day Hussain went to Didai Thana and filed a first information report (FIR) and wanted to take strict action against the teacher.

“The teacher beat her for not having the books…she’s on leave now,” he said.

The Siddhartnagar police acknowledged the incident and decided to investigate the matter.

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