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Bihar Government Grants Rs 29.78 Crore for Reconstruction of Madrasa Azizia and Library after Mob Attack

110-Year-Old Library with Rare Manuscripts Vandalized by Armed Mob During Religious Procession

The Bihar government has allocated Rs 29.78 crore in assistance for the reconstruction of the historic Madrasa Azizia and its library. This educational institution, dating back over a century, suffered an attack by an extremist mob earlier this year.

The institution and its library, which had stood for over a century, fell victim to an act of violence on March 31st when an armed mob, allegedly associated with Hindutva ideology, set the premises ablaze during Ram Navami processions. The mob, while chanting slogans of ‘Jai Shree Ram,’ engaged in acts of vandalism and set the madrasa ablaze, causing damage to the historic structure.

The library, nestled within the precincts of Madrasa Azizia, was home to an estimated 4,500 books of Islamic literature, including some rare manuscripts.

The loss incurred by this act of destruction has been initially estimated at over Rs 10 crore by conservation architect Ruknuddin Mirza.

While talking about the Madrassa, Bihar chief minister said, “The government is working to compensate for the damage caused.”

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