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BJP’s Actions Have Murdered Bharat Mata’s Spirit in Manipur: Rahul Gandhi

In an address during the ongoing no-confidence motion debate in the Lok Sabha, Congress leader and Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing critique against the BJP-led central government. The no-confidence motion was introduced by the opposition alliance INDIA block on Wednesday, August 9.

Initiating the debate, Rahul Gandhi minced no words as he accused the ruling BJP of pushing Manipur, a northeastern state in India, to the brink. He made a stark allegation, asserting that the BJP had “murdered India in Manipur, sprayed kerosene and added a spark to set it on fire.”

The Congress leader further claimed that the BJP had silenced the voice of the people in Manipur, effectively silencing the very essence of India in that region.

Gandhi said, “Bharat is a voice of the hearts of Indians. You have murdered the voice of the people in Manipur. Hence you have murdered Bharat in Manipur. You are a traitor. You are not a patriot.” He went on to state that the Prime Minister’s inability to visit Manipur was a result of his alleged actions, which he equated to the murder of the nation.

Expressing his faith in the Indian Army’s capability to quell the ongoing violence in Manipur, Rahul Gandhi pointed an accusatory finger at the BJP, suggesting that the party was impeding the efforts to restore peace. He said, “Until you do not stop the killings in Manipur, you are attempting to murder my mother(land).”

Taking aim at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s perceived silence on the matter, Rahul Gandhi posed a poignant question: “If the Prime Minister does not listen to the people of the country, then who does he listen to?” In a metaphorical comparison, he likened the Prime Minister’s circle of influence to that of Ravan, an antagonist from Hindu mythology, who only listened to his confidantes. Rahul Gandhi stated, “Ravan used to listen to Kumbakaran and Meghnath. Similarly, the Prime Minister also listens to only Adani and Amit Shah.”

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