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Gaza: Israeli Bombardment Devastates Schools, Hospitals, and Shelters; Death Toll Reaches 9,277

Photo: Quds News

The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to escalate, with Israeli forces intensifying the bombardment of Gaza. The Ministry of Health in Gaza, on Saturday said that 12 people were killed as Israeli airstrikes targeted the al-Fakhoora school, serving as a shelter for displaced individuals in the Jabalia refugee camp.

“The number [of people killed] is expected to rise,” Muhammad Abu Silmeyeh was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Earlier, an attack on an ambulance convoy in Gaza City resulted in the loss of at least 15 lives, according to health officials. While Israel acknowledged the strike on the ambulance, they claimed that their intended target was Hamas fighters, though no evidence has been provided to support this claim.

Since October 7, Israeli attacks on Gaza have resulted in the deaths of at least 9,227 Palestinians. In Israel, the death toll has exceeded 1,400.

The conflict has also seen the destruction of two mosques in southern Gaza City, and a strike on the al-Fakhoora school in Jabalia refugee camp, which was sheltering many displaced people. The school, run by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, is located inside the Jabalia refugee camp, which has been hit three times in recent days.

Hassan Rabee, one of the Brazilian Palestinians, expressed his anguish to an Al Jazeera correspondent from Khan Younis, stating, “It’s 2023 and people are going hungry…“We are seeing it every day. There is no gas, no fuel, no energy. You can’t find food – the markets are empty.”

“There are constant air strikes and the children are being wounded and are living in terror.  People are surrendering to their destiny waiting for an Israeli strike at any time,” he said,

In the midst of this escalating conflict, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has been actively involved in diplomatic efforts. After concluding a trip to Israel, Blinken is now headed to Jordan for a summit with Arab leaders.

Despite international calls for a humanitarian pause, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the US’s ceasefire appeal, vowing to continue full-scale operations unless Palestinian-held hostages are released.

“I made clear that we are continuing full force and that Israel refuses a temporary ceasefire which does not include the release of our hostages.”

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