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Hindu Group Opposes Christian Prayer Service in Himachal’s Palampur

File Photo/AP

Members of the Christian community faced opposition from a Hindu group as they attempted to hold a prayer service in rented accommodation in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

The incident took place in response to objections raised against alleged conversion activities associated with Ankur Narula’s Church of Sign and Wonders. The tensions escalated after a series of complaints were filed, with the first complaint being registered around August 27th.

A viral video circulating on social media captures the confrontation between the Christian worshipers and a woman from the local Hindu community.

In the video, when questioned by the woman who confronts them, the Christians assert their right to gather for prayer. “We have proper permission; we have the place on rent; you can’t do this here,” they say.

“We are just praying here; it’s our fundamental right; we aren’t doing anything wrong; you can’t threaten us,” the Christian worshippers say.

However, the woman in the video opposes their presence. It’s my area,” she boasts, adding, “Stop all this; I won’t allow you to do such things in my area.”

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