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Karnataka Family Seeks ‘Spirit Groom’ for Deceased Daughter in Traditional Ritual

Hindu wedding ghost

A family from Puttur, Karnataka, has placed a unique advertisement in a local newspaper, seeking a suitable ‘spirit groom’ for their deceased daughter to perform a traditional ceremony called ‘Kule Madime’ or ‘Pretha Maduve’. This custom, prevalent in Tulunadu, involves the marriage between the spirits of the deceased.

The advertisement specifies the family’s search for a boy from the Kulal caste and Bangera gotra, who also passed away thirty years ago, to participate in the ritual.

Since its publication, the family has received interest from approximately 50 individuals expressing interest in the ceremony.

According to a family member, they have been searching for a suitable match for the ritual for the past five years.

“Seeking a boy for a girl from Kulal caste and Bangera (gotra). The child died about 30 years ago. In case there is a boy of the same caste and different Bari, who died 30 years ago and the family is willing to perform Pretha Maduve,” the advertisement concludes with contact information.

‘Kule Madime’ or ‘Pretha Maduve’ is a traditional practice aimed at providing fulfilment or salvation to departed souls who passed away without marriage. By conducting these rituals, it is believed that hindrances preventing prospective brides or grooms from finding suitable matches are removed, aligning with the concept of ancestor worship or ‘Pitr Aradhane’.

The specific rituals associated with ‘Kule Madime’ may vary based on caste, but the essence remains similar to a wedding ceremony for living individuals. This unique cultural tradition reflects the rich tapestry of customs and beliefs prevalent in Tulunadu, Karnataka’s coastal districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi.

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