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Madrasas in Uttar Pradesh Under Scanner Over ‘Funds from Abroad’

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Authorities in Uttar Pradesh have initiated an investigation into the alleged flow of foreign funds to madrasas. A staggering 24,000 madrassas in the state are now under scrutiny, with suspicions that the funds might have been used for “illegal activities such as terrorism or forced religious conversion.”

According to police sources, many of these institutions, approximately 8,448, have been identified as “operating illegally”. A detailed report on their alleged illegal operations has been submitted to the state government.

In the first phase of the probe, investigators focused on approximately 30-40 madrasas, uncovering a direct transfer of almost Rs 100 crore to these institutions. The investigative committee is now tasked with tracing the utilization of these funds, ensuring each transaction is meticulously verified through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Individuals who received the funds will be summoned to provide statements regarding the purpose and destination of the money

According to reports, there is a growing preference for routing funds through London, possibly due to heightened scrutiny on money originating from the Middle East. Authorities are actively seeking to identify the individuals responsible for sending these funds, with a focus on validating their legitimacy.

“We are trying to find out who these people sending this money are. Their genuineness is under the scanner,” said a source involved in the investigation.

The possibility of funds being routed through London by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has not been ruled out.

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