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Dalits and Adivasis

MP: Man Beats Five Dalit Boys for Drinking Water in Jabalpur

Disturbing footage from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh has emerged, depicting a man physically abusing minor boys. The video, shared on HateDetector’s ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) account, shows the man striking five crying children on their legs with a stick. The boys, with their hands tied behind their backs, can be seen crying out as the man continues to hit them.

Allegedly, these five boys belong to the Dalit community and were being punished for drinking water from a well. The crowd present at the scene appears to be bystanders, observing the abuse without intervention. In one instance, a boy attempts to flee towards the spectators but is pushed back towards the assailant.

Reacting to the video, President of Azad Samaj Patry said, “The only fault of these little children is that they drank water from the well when they were thirsty… Is this Ramrajya? In this country, a lifeless stone statue is bathed with water but a living human being is not allowed to drink water….what a shameful thing.”

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Dalits and Adivasis

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Dalits and Adivasis

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