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Muslim Students Barred from Rajasthan School for Hijab, Taunted as ‘Chambal ke Daaku’

Controversy erupted at a state government-run school in Rajasthan’s Pipar town when female Muslim students wearing hijab were allegedly turned away by school authorities. Parents of these students confronted the school authorities, expressing objection to the incident. Videos of the confrontation circulated on social media on Saturday, February 17.

In the videos, parents are seen criticizing the school authorities for allegedly threatening to reduce the students’ marks if they continued to wear hijab on school premises. The students who were turned away from the school claimed that their teachers had been derogatorily referring to them as “Chambal Ke Daaku” for wearing hijab.

“They keep warning us that Hijab won’t be accepted in school. And if you continue to wear hijab, your marks will be deducted,” they said.

Responding to the incident, the principal of the school stated that they had simply requested the girls to adhere to the government-prescribed dress code. The Education Minister, Madan Dilawar, reiterated that the state government has a prescribed dress code for all government schools, saying that students should comply with it.

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