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PM and Government of India Focused on Israel-Hamas Conflict, Neglecting Manipur’s Crisis, says Rahul Gandhi

Photo: INC

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a rally near Raj Bhavan in Mizoram, took the opportunity to criticize Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that Modi seemed more focused on international events, particularly the Israel-Hamas conflict, than on addressing the pressing issues in the northeastern state of Manipur.

“It is amazing to me that the PM and the Government of India is so interested in what is happening in Israel (Israel-Hamas conflict) but not interested at all in what is happening in Manipur, where people have been murdered, women molested and babies killed,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi’s visit to Mizoram comes as the state gears up for assembly elections, scheduled to be held in a single phase on November 7, with the vote count scheduled for December 3.

During his address, Rahul Gandhi expressed concern for the ongoing ethnic conflict that has gripped Manipur since May of this year, dividing the state along ethnic lines.

He pointed out that the situation in Manipur is dire, with reports of murders, molestation of women, and the loss of innocent lives. He questioned the Prime Minister’s apparent lack of interest and involvement in addressing these issues, stating, “It is something to be ashamed of that the leader of our Union has not traveled to Manipur after what has happened there, and Manipur is the symptom of the problem.”

Gandhi continued, highlighting the broader issue of oppression and discomfort felt by minority communities, tribals, and Dalits across India. He stated, “There is an oppression being carried out on the people of India,” while drawing parallels between Manipur’s situation and similar problems occurring in various parts of the nation.

The Congress leader also asserted the Congress Party’s role in bringing peace to Mizoram, referring to a peace accord signed in 1986 that helped alleviate insurgency in the northeastern state.

In his speech, Rahul Gandhi criticized the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) for its performance in areas such as job creation, the drug menace, and infrastructure development. He accused the MNF of destroying the state’s economy and fostering the spread of drugs among the youth. Gandhi argued that the MNF’s actions were detrimental to Mizoram’s economic future, pointing out the need for change.

Furthermore, Gandhi emphasized the importance of preserving the cultural, religious, and traditional aspects of Mizoram, asserting that the idea of India itself was under attack by the saffron party, the BJP. He criticized the BJP for promoting hatred, violence, and arrogance, which he believed ran counter to the inclusive and diverse nature of India.

Concluding his address, Rahul Gandhi urged the people of Mizoram to vote for the Congress, stating that the party provided a vision for the state’s future, backed by examples of “good governance” in Congress-ruled states like Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh. He reassured the audience that the Congress would defend their culture, religion, and tradition, as it was an essential part of India’s diverse and unique identity.

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