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Dalits and Adivasis

Rajasthan: Dalit Contributions Deemed ‘Impure’ for Ram Mandir Rituals

In Mundla village, Jhalawar district, Rajasthan, a dispute has arisen over the collection of funds from Dalits for the upcoming consecration celebration of Lord Ram’s idol at the Ayodhya Ram Temple on January 22. Dalit residents were initially asked to contribute to the festivities, but a shocking incident occurred when the collected funds were returned, according to a report.

Mukesh Meghwal, a resident of Mundla village told The Mooknayak, “On the night of January 9, individuals approached our Scheduled Caste community, collecting cash contributions. However, the next day, they returned the money, insulting us with caste-based slurs. They claimed our money wouldn’t be accepted for temple rituals, and the prasad made with it would be considered impure.”

A complaint has been filed with the Jhalawar district administration, accusing bias and discrimination. Mukesh reported that the police are allegedly pressuring them to withdraw the complaint, creating tension in the village. He stated, “The police are trying to force us to retract our statements and are not registering a formal case.”

In response, the Dalit community has refused to cooperate with the alleged pressure. If the police fail to file a case, they plan to stage a demonstration at the Jhalawar district headquarters on Monday. The community had previously submitted a complaint to the district administration on January 11 about biased treatment during fund collection.

Regarding the allegations of pressuring Dalits to withdraw the complaint, Ramkishan Godara, SHO of Khanpur Police Station, stated, “The accusations of forcing for complaint withdrawal are baseless. The Dy.SP himself visited the village to speak with impartial witnesses. A fair investigation into the entire matter will be conducted by the police to maintain public trust.”

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