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SIT Recommends Closure of 13,000 Madrasas Over Alleged Financial Irregularities

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) assigned to investigate illegal Madrasas has recommended the closure of around 13,000 such institutions, with a number found along the Nepal border. The findings, submitted to the Yogi Adityanath government, allege financial discrepancies and potential misuse of funds from Gulf countries.

According to the SIT report, “The majority of the recommended closures, totaling 13,000, are concentrated in seven districts, including Maharajganj, Shravasti, and Bahraich, situated along the Nepal border. Each border district hosts more than 500 such madrasas.”

“When questioned about their finances, many madrasas were unable to provide detailed income and expenditure records, raising suspicions of funds possibly obtained through illicit channels,” the report stated.

Furthermore, concerns were raised regarding the origins of funding for these Madrasas. “While most madrasas claimed construction was funded by donations, they could not disclose the identities of the donors,” the report said.

“Following an initial investigation, concerns regarding potential funding of approximately Rs 100 crore in border-area madrasas were raised. Consequently, the UP government instructed a comprehensive investigation into all madrasas,” a government official stated.

Before this investigation, a survey conducted by the Yogi government identified 16,513 recognized madrasas alongside 8,500 unrecognized ones operating in the state. Allegations surfaced suggesting foreign funding misappropriation, prompting the formation of the SIT.

The focus on border-region madrasas was intensified after numerous complaints received during the survey. “A significant number of unrecognized madrasas were discovered in regions bordering Nepal, leading to heightened scrutiny by the government,” the official added.

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