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Technology Hindrance Driving 40% of Indian Employees to Consider Job Change: Report

A recent report by software major Adobe has revealed that 40% of employees in India are contemplating leaving their jobs within the next six months. The driving force behind this exodus is identified as inadequate technology tools, costing companies up to half a year’s worth of work hours annually.

According to Adobe, a consensus prevails among both leaders (93%) and employees (87%) that subpar technology tools significantly impede productivity. Technological accessibility is emerging as a critical factor influencing job decisions, with 34% of respondents deeming it crucial and 50% considering it a top priority.

Artificial intelligence (AI) takes centre stage in the report, with an overwhelming 98% of Indian employees perceiving generative AI as beneficial and remarkable. Automation also enjoys a positive sentiment, with 94% acknowledging its advantages. However, a cautious 6% remain hesitant about embracing these technologies.

Girish Balachandran, Senior Director, and Head of Digital Media Business at Adobe India, emphasized the transformative potential of automation and AI on traditional work paradigms.

He stated, “The profound impact of automation and artificial intelligence on work cannot be underestimated, as they possess the potential to revolutionize traditional work paradigms.”

The report highlighted primary obstacles to AI adoption, including concerns about security, resistance from executives, and a lack of comprehensive understanding.

Balachandran urged organizations to prepare adequately, paving the way for a future where productivity is genuinely enhanced, unlocking the complete potential of every employee.

Despite 94% of workers believing their companies should leverage generative AI, the report revealed that only 59% of companies are currently utilizing this technology.

The study encompassed insights from 626 leaders in director-level or higher positions and 1,385 employees.

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