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Hate Crime

UP: Muslim Man Beaten To Death During Dussehra Festivities in Hapur

A 25-year-old Muslim man lost his life after being assaulted by an angry mob in the aftermath of a bike accident in Luhari village in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur.

The incident, which unfolded late on Tuesday night, resulted from a bike accident that escalated into a confrontation. It all began when a bike, driven by Irshad Mohammad, collided with a man who was part of a Dussehra revelry group.

The accident occurred around 7:30 pm on Tuesday as Irshad Mohammad was on his way back to Luhari village. He passed by the Ramlila ground on the village’s outskirts, where Dussehra festivities were in full swing. His bike accidentally struck a reveller, causing a minor accident.

What might have remained a minor incident took a violent turn as a verbal confrontation escalated into a physical assault. Mohammad was attacked by a group of individuals, leading to a fall that resulted in a head injury from striking a stone. He was rushed to the local hospital, where doctors declared him dead upon arrival.

The news of Mohammad’s untimely death spread, his family and local residents to gather at the scene. This gathering led to clashes between the two groups, heightening tensions in the village.

ASP Rajkumar Aggarwal reached the spot and told reporters that teams had been formed to search for the accused, who would be arrested soon.

“The police received information that a man named Irshad was found injured near Luhari Market. The Bahadurgarh Police arrived at the scene, and Irshad was transported to the CHC, where, unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries,” stated Hapur Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma.

“The investigation uncovered that a confrontation had arisen between Irshad and another group due to a collision involving their bikes, leading to head injuries sustained by Irshad. At present, the situation in the village is reported to be under control,” he further added.

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