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Uttarakhand: Traders’ Association Orders 86 Muslim Traders to Leave Dharchula

In Dharchula, Uttarakhand, tensions have flared as the local traders’ association has asked 86 out of 91 Muslim traders to leave the town, following the arrest of a Muslim barber accused of abducting two minor Hindu girls.

The traders’ association not only demanded the departure of Muslim traders but also revoked the registration of their shops, labelling them as “outsiders” engaging in “suspicious activities.” This move escalated the already tense situation in the region.

The trigger for this drastic action was the arrest of a Muslim barber accused of abducting two minor Hindu girls and taking them to Uttar Pradesh. The incident prompted widespread outrage, leading the traders’ association to take stringent measures in the name of maintaining law and order and communal harmony.

However, the decision to expel Muslim traders has faced criticism for punishing an entire community for the actions of a few individuals. Many argue for a fair investigation into the abduction case to ensure innocent traders are not unfairly targeted.

Members of the Muslim community in Dharchula have expressed concern, refuting accusations of being “outsiders” and highlighting their contributions to the local economy. The cancellation of shop registrations has put their livelihoods at risk, causing economic uncertainty and hardship.

Calls for local authorities to intervene and address the situation justly have been made. They have pledged to conduct a thorough investigation into the abduction case and address concerns raised by Muslim traders and the wider community.

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