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Bodoland University Cultural Event Sparks Anger Over Portrayal of Muslims As Criminals

During a cultural event at Bodoland University, a controversial stage act stirred emotions as two individuals dressed as Muslims, with tied hands and crying, were depicted as being assaulted by someone impersonating a policeman. The performance, part of the university’s 23rd varsity week and Thulunga festival celebration, drew attention as students carried posters of the scene.

Soon after the video gained widespread attention all Bodoland Minority Student’s Union protested outside the university demanding unconditional apology for the act.

The ABMSU claimed that Muslims were portrayed negatively, and there were instances of mockery directed towards the name of the prophet.

“The way they depicted the Muslim community is not acceptable, they tried to show us criminals.” the ABMSU said.

The incident was also condemned by several other student organizations including the North East Minority Students Union(NEMSU), Muslim Jatiya Parishad(MJP), Krishak Shramiak Unnayan Sangram Samiti (KSUSS), and Burman Mandai Students Union (BMSU).

Representatives from ABMSU, AAMSU, and NEMSU Sajati Dal voiced their concerns during a meeting with the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Babu Lal Ahuja, regarding the incident. They presented a memorandum urging a thorough investigation into the matter and advocating for disciplinary measures against the involved students.

President of ABMSU, Taisan Hussain, issued a stern warning of legal action if the university failed to address the issue appropriately. Similarly, AAMSU President Rezaul Karim stressed the importance of conducting a comprehensive inquiry into the incident.

“We do not understand why a higher educational institute tried to portray Muslims as criminals. We condemned the attitude of the Bodoland University for such a humiliation. The entire community is not responsible for an act of a certain person,” Jalal Uddin, the central president of the Muslim Student Union of Assam (MSUA) said.

The All Assam Minority Students’ Union (AAMSU) strongly condemned Bodoland University’s involvement in a cultural. The Kajalgaon Regional Committee of AAMSU, led by President Mannan Talukdar, opposes such actions, citing potential consequences if such incidents persist. Talukdar emphasized the importance of respecting the sentiments of religious minority communities and warned that if such acts continue, AAMSU may resort to agitation as a form of protest.

Bodoland University Student Union (BUSU) issued an apology on Monday following the act during the varsity’s cultural event. President Crytrina Mushahary and General Secretary Nerswn Narzary expressed regret, saying the procession aimed to showcase societal facets without intending harm. While appreciated by the Muslim Students Union of Assam (MSUA), they await apologies from university authorities and the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC).

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