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Disguised in Burqa, Delhi Woman Shweta Steals Jewellery After Sneaking Into Own Home

A 31-year-old woman was arrested in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar for breaking into her mother’s house and stealing valuable jewellery and cash. The accused, Shweta, confessed to orchestrating the heist out of jealousy and anger towards her mother’s affection for her younger sister, who is about to get married.

The incident unfolded on January 30 in the Sevak Park area of Uttam Nagar when Shweta, wearing a burka, broke into her mother Kamlesh’s house, stealing gold and silver jewellery worth lakhs and Rs 25,000 in cash. The theft occurred during Kamlesh’s brief absence.

Upon reporting the robbery, Kamlesh informed the police, who discovered no signs of forced entry during their investigation. CCTV footage revealed a woman in a burqa entering the house suspiciously.

The investigation led the police to Shweta, who had recently moved out of her mother’s house. During questioning, Shweta admitted planning the robbery due to her perceived favouritism towards her younger sister. She claimed feelings of jealousy and hatred, coupled with financial debts, prompted her actions.

Shweta had strategically moved out in January, and on the day of the theft, she stole her mother’s house keys during a visit. Wearing a burka, she entered the house using the stolen keys and made off with the stolen items.

Despite Shweta’s attempt to feign concern when informed about the robbery, the police saw through her act. She also admitted to selling the stolen jewellery, but the authorities managed to recover the items.

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