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Hate Crime

Gurugram: Miscreants Open Fire Outside Mosque on Holi Eve 

Gurugram: Miscreants Open Fire Outside Mosque on Holi Eve 
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In Gurugram’s Devi Lal Nagar, miscreants riding a Scorpio openly fired shots outside a mosque on the Holi eve (the Hindu festival of colors). 

According to an eyewitness Abdul Haseeb, who was present at the scene, around 11 PM on Monday, a Scorpio SUV arrived in Gali Number 9 of Devi Lal Nagar. 

Haseeb, in an interview with The Observer Post, said that the Scorpio rider initially asked him to remove a stone, saying that it was obstructing the path. When Haseeb clarified that there was no stone, the rider reversed the vehicle and stationed it on a makeshift platform, built outside a house. 

The homeowner came downstairs at this point. Allegedly, the Scorpio rider halted his car and two young men got out, attempting to open the gate of the nearby mosque. 

The situation escalated when they attempted to enter the Mosque and, upon being told that the gate would only open in the morning, they became agitated and used offensive language. 

According to Haseeb, one of the youths placed his hand on his shoulder and threatened to shoot him. The miscreants attempted to open the gate by pretending to seek blessings from the mosque Imam after taraweeh prayers, added Haseeb.

Suddenly, a gunshot was fired. Following which, people emerged from their homes and informed the police.  “If the gate had opened, they allegedly would have done something to the mosque’s imam,” Haseeb told Observer Post. 

The accused managed to flee the scene, when the police arrived.  However, the police were able to obtain a CCTV footage from the mosque.

According to the police, the Scorpio car is seen coming in the CCTV camera, which stopped near the gate for some time.

Two youths have come out of it who have appeared in the footage. The bullet shell has also been recovered from the spot.

Police say they are identifying the accused from their vehicle number and that they will be arrested soon.

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