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Hijab Now Allowed in Exam Halls: Karnataka Education Minister

Muslim women protest against the hijab ban in Karnataka educational institutes, in Kolkata on Friday, February 11, 2022. (PTI)

In a review meeting led by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and State Education Minister MC Sudhakar, a decision was reached to permit students to wear a Hijab during examinations.

Addressing the media, Karnataka Higher Education Minister MC Sudhakar said that some individuals were intentionally stirring up controversy over the matter of students wearing the Hijab during exams, stating that “some people are there just to create confusion.”

“I have taken measures in view of everyone’s freedom,” Sudhakar said. He further declared, “It is allowed to write the NEET exam wearing Hijab.”

Minister Sudhakar also said that students have the freedom to choose their clothing for examinations, offering reassurance to those affected by the dispute.

The Hijab controversy first emerged in January 2022 when Government PU College in Udupi was alleged to have prohibited six girls wearing the Hijab from entering the premises. These students protested outside the college, expressing their dissatisfaction over the denial of entry.

In a show of solidarity, male students from various colleges in Udupi began attending classes while wearing saffron scarves, further escalating the protests. This movement soon spread to different parts of Karnataka, leading to a series of protests and agitations across the state.

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