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Hindu Students Chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in Protest Against Muslim Students’ Friday Prayers in Coaching Institute

In a coaching institute, a situation unfolded where Hindu students expressed their disapproval of Muslim students gathering in their assigned area for Friday prayers.

They opposed the prayers by chanting the phrase “Jai Shri Ram.” The Hindu students used this slogan while surrounding the room where the Muslim students were peacefully engaging in their prayers.

The video, purportedly recorded at Allen Institute in Kota, has gained widespread attention on social media. In the video, Hindu students are seen gathering around a room where Muslim students are calmly engaged in their prayer activities.

Video of the incident was first shared by an Instagram user Allen se Hu.

The Hindu students were also shouting slogans like ‘Vande Vatram’ and ‘Bharat Mati ki Jai’.

The Kota Police, however, has said that the video is from from 2020.

“This video is of 2020, no such activity has happened yet, at that time effective action was taken by the concerned organization in acid, the police constantly monitors such developments. The law and order situation is normal,” the Kota Police said in a tweet.

Contrary to the police statement, students at the institute provided a clear account, confirming that the incident did occur on June 23.

“While we were in the midst of our Asar prayers on June 23, they unexpectedly came towards us and started chanting slogans. Despite their disruptive behaviour, we made a conscious decision to refrain from reacting. I, personally, remained focused on my prayers throughout the incident,” a student said.

Another student said that “the management and security guards responded by deleting the videos from the students’ phones” and the Muslim students “have been instructed to refrain from conducting prayers within the institute for a temporary period.”

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