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Islam And Christianity Top Enemies of Hinduism: Swami Sachchidanand in Noida

In a recent viral video that circulated on social media, Swami Sachchidanand Maharaj was seen spewing hate speech against Islam and Christianity, calling them “top enemies of Hinduism”.

During his address at an event held in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, the Far-right saint advocated for a social and economic boycott of Muslims.  

“There are four enemies of yours. First Islam, second – Christianity, third – Left-wing ideology, and lastly, Communists. These are your greatest foes,” he said, adding, “I appeal to you all, do not ever involve the infidels in your businesses, or allow them into your houses, nor rent out your shop or house to them.”

He blamed the Muslims for “attacking the Hindus through various types of Jihad” to “finish” them (Hindus).

The monk said, “If there is any one Muslim girl in your daughters’ friend list, then know that your house is on the verge of ruin,” accusing the Muslim girls of faking friendship with people of other faiths to “set them up” with Muslim boys as part of ‘Love Jihad’.

“Alert and caution your children, to only be friends with a fellow Hindu,” he said.

Calling the online delivery services of Fast food, as “Food Jihad”, he said that it means “to take control over the population (of Hindus) through food and drinks”.

He said, “We Hindus have become so stupid that we are stepping ahead and digging our graves. They don’t need to put in much effort to kill us.”

He also makes mention of the internationally criticized propaganda film, The Kerala Story, asking the women to be “careful of the conspiracies”.

“32,000 of our daughters went to the infidels. It is not a small number. This Kerala Story did not take place only in Kerala, rather it is happening indiscriminately in our very own Gurgaon and Noida,” he said.

He then went on to say, “Watch and ensure your daughters watch them too,”.

The video concludes with a warning from the radical saint, “Remember! You need to be careful. Therefore, impose your daughters and let them know that love jihad is going on at extreme limits. Save your children, or you won’t be saved.”

The video drew backlash from a few online calling out the speech as hateful and Islamophobic, with one commenting, “Will there be any action against such people?” while another tagged the Noida Police. 

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