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Mumbai: Quranic Verses Found in Firecrackers, Community Expresses Shock and Seeks Action

(File Photo |AP) By PTI

During Ganpati Visarjan festivities in Dharavi, Mumbai, pages of the Quran were reportedly used in the making of firecrackers, resulting in verses from the holy Quran being scattered among the crackers when they burst.

Eyewitnesses on the scene said they were astonished when they discovered verses from the Quran amidst the firecrackers. Arif, an eyewitness, shared his account of the incident, saying, “We picked up the crackers and found verses of the Quran on them; we were shocked. Then, we told some Maulanas to take a look at the crackers, and they confirmed it.”

Concerned Muslim youth collected the firecrackers containing the Quranic verses and proceeded to the local police station to file a formal complaint. Arif added, “We went to the police station along with the evidence, and the police promised us action.”

The incident has sparked outrage among the Muslim community. Local authorities have assured that a thorough investigation will be conducted, and those responsible for the desecration of the Quranic verses will face legal consequences.

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