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Muslim Man Allegedly Beaten to Death by Police in West Bengal’s Murshidabad

A 36-year-old Muslim man, identified as Rakib Sheikh, has reportedly died under mysterious circumstances while in police custody in the Panchgachia area of West Bengal’s Murshidabad district. The family of the deceased has accused the police of beating Rakib, leading to his untimely demise.

According to family sources, Rakib was forcibly taken from his residence by the police on Friday, without any apparent charges or explanation. His father, Zakir Sheikh, alleges that Rakib was arbitrarily arrested and subsequently brought to court, where he was ordered to be remanded in jail. The family insists that no complaint papers were shown to them during this process.

Rakib’s health reportedly deteriorated while in jail, and on Sunday, he was admitted to Jangipur Hospital. Later, he was transferred to Murshidabad Medical College, where he tragically passed away on Tuesday midnight. The family is convinced that Rakib’s death was a result of the beatings he endured in police custody.

“He was sick and resting in the house, then the police came, his mother told the police that he is sick and not to take him but the police said they would let him go after a few hours (in the evening). Sadek was the police officer who took him from home. He was beaten by Sadek and Nayan, and when he was taken to court, he was very sick, then he was sent to jail where his health worsened and transferred to the hospital,” Zakir told The Observer Post.

“The night he died, I was informed to visit the hospital, and when I went there, I saw my child was dead,” said.

“He was killed by the police. This was confirmed at Jangipur where it was stated that my son was killed.”

Contrary to the family’s allegations, the police have refuted any involvement in Rakib’s death, asserting that he was known to be involved in various illicit drug activities. The authorities claim that the recent death is unrelated to an earlier incident where a young man died at the Armhurst Street police station.

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