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Muslim Women Do Not Have a Permanent Husband but Instead, Have One Husband a Day: K’taka RSS leader

If you want to say ‘Allah hu Akbar’, say it in your house or at the mosque. If you want to be here, you should chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’, said Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat, referring to Muskan, on Sunday.

In an event organized in the Mandya district of Karnataka, ahead of the Hanuman Jayanthi celebration, RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat was seen passing Islamophobic comments and derogatory remarks about Muslim women in his speech addressing thousands of devotees on Sunday.

“They (Muslim women) have one husband a day. They do not have a permanent husband,” he stated.

Lauding PM Narendra Modi, he claimed that ‘Muslim women now have permanent husbands’ because of him (PM). “Triple talaq has been abolished due to the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi). Earlier, Muslim girls did not have a permanent husband due to the menace of polygamy and triple talaq,” he said.

The statement was called out by both men and women who expressed their anger, demanding that the authorities take action against him.

UT Farzana, a Congress leader, expressing her anger regarding the statement, was seen in a video saying, “If a similar statement was given referring to women of some other community, what do you think would have happened in the State?”

“We should file a case and everyone must demand strict legal action to be taken against this. They should not be able to say such derogatory and obscene remarks about any women let alone about Muslim women,” she demanded.

Ahead of CM’s statement on the hijab ban, he also commented on the Hijab ban victim of Mandya, Muskan Bibi, who confronted a saffron-clad group that heckled her chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram’ slogans, accusing her of having links with Al-Qaeda, saying “Al-Qaeda has given money and support to Muskan. She has contact with the terror organization. So, the people should be careful as terrorists will be coming to Mandya.”

If you want to say ‘Allah hu Akbar’, say it in your house or at the mosque. If you want to be here, you should chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’, he said.

“The girl (Muskan) has told of returning to college. Let her go to college if she has the courage,” he challenged while addressing the media.

Moreover, pointing out the recent statement on the withdrawal of the hijab ban by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah that created a stir, he challenged the State government to lift the Hijab ban ‘if they are powerful enough’.

“The CM has spoken about the ban on ‘hijab’. Does he have the ‘power’ to do it?”, he asked, adding, “By announcing that the hijab ban will be lifted, the Congress government has been creating a divide among the people.” He also encouraged Hindu youngsters to wear saffron shawls to educational institutions if hijab is to be allowed.

Calling out ‘Love Jihad’, he said, “It is not just the Muslim boys. Muslim girls are cheating. Hindu men and women are being subjected to love jihad. Don’t you (Muslims) have young women and young people? Why are you targeting us?”.

Speaking on the occasion, he was seen encouraging the audience to ‘fight for Hindu Rashtra’. “There are many countries for Muslims. But for the Hindus, there is only India. Hindus have no other place and we have to fight for it,” he said.

“We (Hindus) should not be the minorities. Hindus should have at least 3 children each,” he added.

The revocation of the ban is possible with mere cancellation of the previous government order. However, despite this (withdrawal of hijab ban) being one of Congress’s main electoral promises, it has still not done it in all these months of being in power.

This move by the state government, and the swift change of words regarding it, is raising concern among the Muslims and the liberals, leaving them to speculate if it was a political move to consolidate the votes of the Muslim community ahead of Lok Sabha elections, as claimed by the Opposition.

Meanwhile, there is a growing indignation among the people for bringing the already subsided hijab row to the forefront yet again and for taking advantage of the Muslim hijab students, merely for political gain.

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