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Muslim Youth Allegedly Tortured to Death by Police in Uttar Pradesh’s Rataul

In Uttar Pradesh’s Rataul village, a young man named Sajid, aged 26, lost his life under suspicious circumstances while being held in police custody.

According to the accounts provided by the victim’s relatives, Sajid was apprehended by the Rataul police on charges of involvement in illegal gambling activities at a mango orchard.

After being taken into custody, he was reportedly subjected to brutal beatings by the police officers at the Rataul police post.

The severity of the assault led to a deterioration in his health, prompting the policemen to contact the young man’s family.

Allegedly, the police then handed over the injured Sajid to his family members, who promptly rushed him to a nearby medical facility in Khekra for urgent treatment.

However, Sajid succumbed to his injuries before reaching the destination.

Shahabuddin, Sajid’s brother, while talking to The Observer Post said that Sajid was apprehended by the authorities while a group of youngsters were engaged in a card game at a local park.

“He endured an assault at the park and was transported to the police station via a motorcycle, where the brutality continued. When we encountered him subsequent to the assault, he lay in an unconscious state. We promptly transported him to the hospital, only to discover his life had tragically ended,” he said.

The news of his demise spread rapidly through the village, triggering an immediate and emotional response from the community.

According to Chaudhary Sajid, a local resident in the village, a group of boys was playing card and ludo games at a park when the police arrived and reportedly started physically assaulting Sajid.

“Subsequently, they took him to the police station. Later, his family managed to retrieve him from the police station, but tragically, he was pronounced dead at the hospital,” he said.

Chaudhary said that Sajid is a father of three children and he was completely innocent, having no involvement in any criminal activities. Instead, he was subjected to physical violence merely for playing the game of ludo in a park.

Enraged by the apparent police brutality and the untimely death of their fellow villager, thousands of villagers and relatives congregated at the Rataul bus stand, where they placed Sajid’s lifeless body, demanding justice.

The atmosphere became increasingly tense as clashes erupted between the angry protesters and the police attempting to disperse the crowd.

In an attempt to resolve the situation, high-ranking police officials including CO Preeta Singh, CO Rakesh Kumar Sharma, CO Vijay Chowdhary, and reinforcements from three police stations were dispatched to the scene.

The authorities sought to engage with the grieving family members and assuage their concerns.

After persistent efforts, the family eventually calmed down, allowing the police to arrange for a postmortem examination of the deceased.

The villagers, deeply affected by the tragedy, resorted to blocking the roads as a form of protest against the alleged police misconduct. The blockade resulted in significant disruptions to the normal flow of traffic.

Police personnel continued their attempts to negotiate with the villagers, urging them to lift the blockade and cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

The local police have sent the body of Sajid for a postmortem examination to ascertain the exact cause of death.

“In relation to the case, it is to be informed that the dead body has been sent to the mortuary for postmortem. Police force has been deployed on the spot to maintain peace. Traffic is running smoothly and there is complete peace in the area. Allegations are being investigated. Advance legal action is being taken,” the police said in a statement.

Sajid’s brother, Shahabuddin, has expressed the family’s strong desire for justice in the aftermath of his brother’s tragic demise. Shahabuddin firmly stated that the family is seeking accountability and insists that those responsible for Sajid’s death be held liable for their actions.

“We demand that the authorities take immediate action and suspend the police officer responsible for causing his death through beating,” he urged.

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