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Srinagar Medical College Gripped by Tension Over Non-Local Student’s Inflammatory Post on Prophet Mohammad


Protests broke out at Srinagar Government Medical College following an alleged inflammatory post by a non-local medical student against the Prophet of Islam.

Multiple students and junior doctors gathered to protest against the medical student accused of posting a blasphemous display picture on a messaging app, officials reported.

According to a protester, they had requested the accused student to remove the offensive display picture within three hours, but the student declined to comply.

The demonstrators are now demanding disciplinary action against the student for offending the sentiments of Muslims, officials added.

In a statement, the Resident Doctors Association (RDA) of Government Medical College, Srinagar, expressed its “fervent condemnation” of the alleged act of blasphemy by an undergraduate medical student of the institution.

“The RDA resolutely asserts that such blasphemous conduct shall not be countenanced within the hallowed halls of our institution. Hence, we earnestly beseech the authorities to adopt a resolute stance and to mete out the most stringent of measures against the transgressor,” the press release read.

In solidarity, the Resident Doctors reiterated their commitment to upholding communal peace and nurturing an atmosphere of profound respect among all communities.

Recently elected member of parliament from Srinagar, Ruhullah Mehdi, in a post on X, said, “This has become a habit of some students in different institutions of Srinagar to post disrespectful contents about Prophet (SAWAW). The recent offence from a student in GMC Srinagar is a fresh example. These repeated offences cannot be tolerated in any civilised society. We give due respect to the religious figures of other religions and we expect the people of other religions to be equally civilised. The Srinagar administration should take immediate action and book this offender immediately under law. A mere suspension of the student is not enough.”

Meanwhile, the GMC Srinagar has initiated a probe into the incident and suspended the concerned individual pending enquiry.

“An enquiry comprising 13 HOD’s/HOU’s has been initiated for necessary action under rules. All concerned are requested to maintain peace and tranquility on the campus,” stated GMC officials.

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