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Union Minister Giriraj Singh Calls for Closure of Madrasas in Bihar

Photo: Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India/Facebook

Union Minister Giriraj Singh stirred controversy on Friday with a call for the closure of “illegal madrasas” in Bihar, citing concerns over the rising numbers and saying that they pose a “threat to the internal security of the state and the nation.”

During a statement, Singh said there’s a need to verify over 3,000 madrasas in the state, alleging that these places were being used for the radicalization and indoctrination of youths.

“Bihar houses a large number of illegal madrasas. We need to undertake surveys of madrasas on the lines of Uttar Pradesh. The illegal madrasas are used for brainwashing people of the Muslim community. Organizations like Popular Front of India (PFI) are flourishing here in these places,” Singh claimed.

Singh went on to assign responsibility for the proliferation of “illegal madrasas” to political figures Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad, accusing them of practicing appeasement politics and contributing to the surge in these educational institutions.

“Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad are responsible for the surge in illegal madrasas as they practice appeasement politics,” Singh said.

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