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UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Calls BJP’s Schemes the Foundation of ‘Ram Rajya’

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In a Dussehra address, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath praised the welfare schemes of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government as the bedrock of ‘Ram Rajya,’ and heralded the consecration of Lord Ram’s grand temple in Ayodhya after a 500-year wait.

Speaking at a Dussehra event on Tuesday, Chief Minister Adityanath evoked the age-old story of Lord Ram’s establishment of ‘Ram Rajya’ by vanquishing falsehood and injustice.

Adityanath said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, numerous essential amenities, including housing, sanitation facilities, food, and healthcare, have been provided to millions of underprivileged citizens, in alignment with the ideals of Lord Ram.

Adityanath that those opposing Sanatan Dharma “seek to divide society and undermine social and national unity through caste-based discrimination”.

“After a long wait of 500 years, Lord Rama is set to be consecrated in his grand temple in Ayodhya. Fortunately, this generation will witness this divine spectacle. Scores of people sacrificed their lives for the construction of the Shri Ram’s temple,” Adityanath said at Manasarovar Ramleela Maidan as per PTI.

“Peaceful and non-violent movements were organised for the temple and there was a period when justice seemed to be distant. However, the positive outlook of the people, coupled with the joint efforts of the central and state governments, paved the way for the construction of Lord Ram’s temple,” Adityanath said.

In his speech, Adityanath said the timeless significance of Dharma extends beyond ritualistic practices to encompass life’s enduring values. He stressed the importance of upholding duties, ethics, and moral values, in keeping with Sanatan Sharma.

Adityanath said that the welfare schemes of the BJP government constitute the foundation of ‘Ram Rajya.’ He lauded Prime Minister Modi’s efforts in providing housing for four crore people, constructing 12 crore toilets, distributing free rations to 80 crore individuals, and delivering various other amenities that align with the principles of ‘Ram Rajya.’

“On Vijayadashami, every devout follower of Sanatan Dharma around the world recalls this and takes the pledge to walk on the path shown by Lord Shri Ram,” noting that in every age, there has been the presence of divine forces along with demonic tendencies.

“If positive forces unite and strengthen to tread the right path, then righteousness, truth, and justice will continue to prevail for the benefit of the nation and society,” he said.

“If society disintegrates or negative forces dominate, it manifests as terrorism, Naxalism, extremism, separatism, mafia, lawlessness, and more. Therefore, promoting positivity and unity in society is everyone’s responsibility,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Chief Minister Adityanath led a traditional ‘shobha yatra’ as the head seer of the Gorakshpeeth. The procession featured a vibrant display of diverse instruments, colourful performances, and the participation of various communities, including Muslims and Sindhis.

The Vijayadashami procession culminated at the Mansarovar Temple, where Adityanath performed pujas, followed by a grand ceremony at the Mansarover Ramlila Maidan. Adityanath concluded the festivities with the recitation of ‘aarti’ and a special puja dedicated to Shrinath Ji, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, amid the chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

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