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UP: Muslim Students Bullied Over Skullcap, Forced to Leave College Premises in Meerut

In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, an account of Islamophobia has come to light. The incident happened at the Nanak Chand Anglo Sankrit (NAS) College in Subhash Nagar.

The CCTV camera installed at the main gate of the college has captured the whole incident.

In the video, one girl is visible shouting at some students when suddenly a boy enters the camera view where he is being pushed around and bullied by another group of students from the Hindu community and almost getting attacked by a brick.

The two siblings were entering the main gate of the college and had visited to submit the college fees when some students from the Hindu community started shouting religious statements and comments.

The Muslim man had entered the college while wearing a skullcap, which did not sit well with some Hindu students and hurt their religious sentiments. The skull cap is a headgear which is mostly worn by Muslim men all around the world.

The students snatched the skull cap from the boy’s head and tried to beat him. Wherein the sister immediately stepped in trying to save her brother.

In the video, the woman is visible shouting at the men to stop pushing her brother and repeatedly questioning “What is the issue?”

Afterwards, both the siblings were forced to leave the college premises by the same students who had tried to attack the Muslim man.

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